About the Golf Club at Lake Chabot

We host tournament, golf outings and other social events for the purpose of playing golf and creating good fellowship. The Club's home course is Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, California. Our membership is open to all persons of any skill level. 

 Membership dues cover NCGA Membership and prizes for all tournaments. Small buy-in fee required for the four NCGA qualifying events. The Club plays approximately 20 tournaments each year, typically on early Sunday mornings. There are a handful of away events and qualifying events for the NCGA championships (East Bay Zone, 4 Ball Net, Net Amateur, and Senior 4 Ball Net). The Club hosts the Family Day Golf Tournament each year in late summer that drives donated funds for the two Junior Golf Programs at Lake Chabot GC: Ace Kids Golf Foundation and Lake Chabot Junior Academy. The event is filled with friendly competition, fun activities and social interaction.